Living Wall and Starlings

Living Wall and Starlings

Today, we visited the German Market in Birmingham. We weren’t expecting to see anything new that we haven’t photographed before, but we took the camera anyway.

Near the Mailbox, we spotted this Living Wall from a bridge over the canal. Just like living walls, these are becoming more common. It’s an interesting design challenge and I look forward to seeing how well this one fares over the coming years.

Once it had got dark, we headed over to New Street to see the Market and the Christmas lights. One thing that caught our eye was the small number of Starlings roosting in the trees. I can vividly remember 40 years ago when tens of thousands would descend on the city centre to roost on buildings. Over the years, they have been discouraged because of the mess they caused.

So, it’s nice to see that a few have defied the odds.