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One of the many plus point of being involved in garden design is building up a bulging contacts book of landscapers, nurseries, sculptors, compost suppliers and so on, which we at Midfeather have decided to share with you—read on for top tips!


A good landscaper, who takes great pride in their work and wants to work with the client and designer to produce the best possible outcome for all is a joy. These guys are good to work with, chip in their own great ideas based on years of experience and produce a high quality end result.

Paul Lane, Country Lane Landscapes

Birmingham based landscaper, who has worked with us on several gardens, see Modern Garden Makeover and Three Level Garden for pictures of his work. Member of the Association of Professional Landscapers.

Mark Charles

Shrewsbury based landscaper and all-round handyman, he worked with us on the garden A Place in the Sun (see Our Work). When Mark works on his own larger projects, we occasionally lend a hand. Tel. 07825 157112. To see examples of his work on Facebook, follow the link below.
Mark Charles on Facebook

Jon Atkins, Living Space Design

Stratford based landscaper, see Down the Garden Path for photos of the latest job we worked on together.


Herefordshire based landscapers, with London office, who worked with us on the Bishopswood Village Hall job. Member of the British Association of Landscape Industries.


We always try to work with small, local nurseries who grow most of their own stock and use peat free or soil based composts. You get a much more interesting selection of plants, plus sound and helpful advice on what to plant where. Support your local nursery! And please try to recycle your plastic plant pots—we do!

Hoo House Nursery

Located just outside Tewkesbury. Fantastic selection of herbaceous perennials and alpines, all grown in peat free compost. Julie Ritchie, the owner, is very helpful. You can also link off their website to Tinpenny Farm, a nearby garden and nursery which is also well worth a visit.

Chris Pattison

A top quality nursery, based in the small village of Pendock on the Worcestershire/Gloucestershire border. Wide range of unusual shrubs and trees, specialises in acers and has a fabulous range. Chris is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

Junkers Nursery

Based in Somerset, have never visited the nursery but know that they have a policy of growing their own plants in a soil, rather than peat, based compost. Wonderful for woodlanders of all sorts, and I found them because they are one of the few nurseries to stock a fantastic range of Daphne, one of my favourite plants.

Evergreen Conifer Centre

Yes, yes I know they are deeply unfashionable at the moment, but if you ever want to be convinced that conifers are things of beauty which could have a vital role in your garden, I would urge you to visit the Evergreen Conifer Centre. They have a great range of plants and display gardens to show you how to used them. Well worth a visit.

Ashwood Nursery

Set in idyllic countryside in the West Midlands, this is THE place to come if you garden on acid soil. Fabulous range of azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias and conifers, plus great book store too—what more could you want?

Ornamental Tree Nursery

Based in North Herefordshire, just beyond Leominster, excellent range of ornamental trees. Particularly good if you are looking for a larger, specimen tree, but worth a look for any type of tree. Also does heging and some shrubs.

Lawton Hall Herbs

Literally just down the road from the Ornamental Tree Nursery. Superb herb garden gives you lots of ideas on how to use the herbs they sell. If you are planning a herb garden, this is the place to go.

Bloms Bulbs

Bloms are one of several bulb companies which I use, including Avon Bulbs ( and Sarah Raven (, but have found Bloms particularly impressive this year in terms of quality, range and service levels. Plant more bulbs – they’re easy and amazing!

Other Stuff

A range of other suppliers that we use—again the local, sustainable theme is very much to the fore.

Church Meadow

Based on a farm near Ross-on-Wye, these are sheep farmers who have diversified to produce composted sheep manure as mulch plus peat free compost, lawn dressing and landscaping bark. Free delivery on offer. Local, home produced mulch and peat free compost—support your local compost producer!

Coppice Creations

Bewdley based, uses locally coppiced timber to produce a range of rustic fencing and other timber products. Web site currently being revamped so you may need to email Paul to get a catalogue. See an example of his work in our Air of Mystery garden.

Dragonswood Forge

Sculptor Neil Lossock creates the most amazing dragons, but, for the more faint hearted, he also creates beautiful tall fern, allium and other plant sculptures which look amazing in your garden.

Dave Preston

Another artist blacksmith, who specializes in sculptural copper water features. He is a man who likes a challenge, and to attempt something new so would be up for whatever you had in mind, provided it was achievable!